Take control during an emergency and make sure other drivers see you!

The Haylo Safety Flare is visible day and night. Keep The Haylo Safety Flare in your vehicle so you can warn other drivers to slow down and drive with caution.

Don't Settle For Anything Less!

Rest assured that the Haylo Safety Flare will not fail when you need it to perform for you. Only the Haylo L.E.D. Safety Flare has been tested under extreme conditions and it always performs as expected.

Get the Haylo L.E.D. Safety Flare now and enjoy having the best gear available. You can run over it, drop it, toss it, roll it, float it, leave it in the rain or snow and it will keep working.

The compact size makes it easy to keep for emergencies without taking up precious storage space. It’s only about 5” across by 1.5” tall, but it’s the only L.E.D. flare with advanced L.E.D. lights that make it as bright as a spotlight.

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It only takes 60 seconds to setup your Safety Flares and warn other drivers during a roadside emergency so that you can work safely to get back on the road or wait for a roadside assitance to arrive.

The Secret Is The Breakthrough Technology Used In The 24 Ultra-Bright L.E.D. Lights That Can Be Seen From 5,000 ft Away

The NEW L.E.D. lights make the Haylo Safety Flare visible from 5,000 feet away. That's almost 2x longer than any other flare available.

Haylo Safety Flare Gives Drivers Nearly Double The Time To React Because It Warns Other Drivers From Almost Twice As Far Away!
  • Flat Tires - Don't risk changing your tire without setting up your Safety Flares to warn other drivers to give you space.
  • Breakdown - Don't make a bad situation worse if you breakdown and have to wait on the side of the road. Set up your Safety Flares to prevent a collision.
  • Accident - Take control of a bad situation and protect everyone involved by setting up your Safety Flares and alerting traffic to an upcoming hazard.
  • Towing - It can be hard for help to find you if your power is out and you don't have any lights on your vehicle. Setup your Safety Flares so emergency services can find you quickly.
  • Trailer - Pulling a long trailer can be dangerous. Other cars don't see how long your trailer is and change lanes into your trailer. Use your Safety Flares so they can see the complete profile of your trailer.
  • Safety Markets - Use your Safety Flares while camping to alert other traffic and off-road vehicles where to be cautious.

Plus, the orange l.e.d. lights are made to perform great in extreme weather conditions so that a tow truck, repair vehicle, or emergency responders to get to you quicker.

Make Your Trailer Easy To See So Other Drivers Don't Lose It In Their Blind Spot

Use several Safety Flares to highlight the entire length of your car, truck, or trailer so that other drivers can see the complete profile that they need to be aware of.

The powerful built-in magnet makes it easy to attach and rest assured these powerful magnets will stay attached or hang the Safety Flares with the pop-up hook.

Used By Police, Firefighters, & First Responders

Thousands Of Drivers Have Rated The Haylo Safety Flare The Top L.E.D. Flare Available

The Haylo L.E.D. Safety Flare has been tested extensively and tens of thousands of customers have left comments confirming how durable the Haylo L.E.D. Safety Flare is.

Get The Preferred L.E.D. Flare Used By Police, Fire Fighters, And First Responders!

Due to overwhelming demand, inventory has been difficult to maintain. As of today there is a limited supply of HALO Safety Flares. Click the green button below to find out if they are still available.

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